This Is the Machine Mind


This Is the Machine Mind.



The Human Mind System…(HMS)
God-Spirit-Soul Complex…(GSSC)

The savior/master construct is an integral part of the GSSC, and encourages human beings to yearn for a master to teach them how to ascend, how to be saved, how to achieve nirvana, how to live a moral life, and how to ensure eternal happiness. There are masters of great wisdom and light who remain within the domain of the HMS without knowing their involvement. The subtlety is so powerful that even when you feel you have achieved self-realization you remain trapped in the HMS. It is that vast, especially when compared to the material world.
Saviors can take on the form of many things, including the second coming of Christ, a wrathful God, the Earth, nature spirits, angelic hosts, prophecy, and extraterrestrial forces who will intercede on humanity’s behalf.


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